Daniel Huang

Bodega Bay

We did a family treehouse getaway for our first anniversary, where Umi got her first campfire experience.

John Muir

I had no idea someone so important to our parks lived right in the area.

Del Valle

One of my favorite local parks, especially when green, with many miles spent on these trails.

Diablo Foothills

A park not to be entirely overshadowed by Mt. Diablo, with its own unique features.


Exploring a park that should have been open to all long ago.

Sycamore Valley

Summer comes quick in the East Bay.

Dougherty Hills

Crisp morning stroll to see the surrounding hills dusted with snow.


Foggy hike through the redwoods with unexpected encounters of a rock garden and koi fish pond.

Pacheco and Gilroy

Pea soup brunch, hiking by the windmills, and a lovely retreat to a family farm.

Sycamore Grove

Enjoying the seasonal return of green grass in the area.

Alviso Slough

A muddy day out on the salt ponds.

San Francisco Bay

Sun managed to shine through the thick blanket of smoke, granting us a reasonable day out.

Windy Hill

Saw the breeze coming, but not all the snakes!

Marin Headlands

An afternoon start gave us a rare opportunity to stay for an evening view of the city.

Sierra Azul

The recently opened summit of Mount Umunhum in the Sierra Azul Open Preserve comes with some shiny new trails and quite an assorted history.

Las Trampas

The trailhead is usually the finish line for me on my bike, but I finally showed up on foot. Definitely glad to have done it before it all turns yellow!


A mix of hiking and trail running on a bright winter day. Bits of the landscape here are rather unique from what you normally expect to see in the area..

Half Moon Bay

A carefree drive on Highway 1 ended at a fancy brunch buffet where we ate until it hurt too much eat more.

Cataract Falls

Many ups and downs from Bon Tempe Lake to the Cataract Falls. At the end of it all was a large plate of hearty Puerto Rican food.

Black Diamond Mines

Strolling through what used to be a few flourishing coal mining towns. Ended on a mine tour fitted with natural air conditioning.


Hiking with a well-behaved puppy! Wide-ranging views of Contra Costa and Solano counties.

Brushy Peak

Rolling green hills with fluffy cows baking in the sun and a glimpse of nearby windmills hard at work.

Bishop Ranch

Just a minute drive from the freeway and ten minutes walk up a hill can really bring you quite a ways.

Big Basin

Storms prior meant muddy paths with downed trees, but also rapid flowing waterfalls.

Montara Mountain

Wonderful hike that brings you through a forest of eucalyptus trees and up the mountain for a far-reaching view of the bay.


Small day trip with the family. A mostly shadeless hike in the heat ended nicely with ice cold Capri Sun and melted popsicles.


A summer hike through the shaded redwoods after a windy drive up into the mountains.

Point Reyes

Spent a full day exploring Point Reyes National Seashore. Hikes and sights while escaping the summer heat.


Relaxing day at two very serene places in my hometown.


Not as pretty as the one in Ireland, but hey, it's not bad.


A peaceful weekend by the ocean.

San Francisco

Playing tourist?

Big Sur

Stop and go drive down the ever so scenic coastline.


Carmel was as pretty as it always is. Came close to walking away with some "holy granola" from the mission's gift shop.