Daniel Huang

Umi Bear Friend

My best bear friend.

Umi Goofy

We have fun :)

Umi Mountain Dog

We fully embraced our title this trip.

Umi Year 1

Our baby girl turned one <3 She also recently turned into a couch potato.

Umi Month 11

At 11 months, Umi continues to prove she is the very best, but also very bonkers and bananas.

Umi Month 10

Snow ruled everything around Umi in month 10.

Umi Month 9

Umi retired from listening in month 9, she now does as she pleases.

Umi Month 8

Umi discovered snow at 8 months and it was love at first sight.

Umi Month 7

7 month Umi continues to grow up too fast, gaining independence and stubbornness.

Umi Month 6

Umi turned 6 months and met the sky water fountain aka rain for the first time!

Umi Week 25

This girl was a straight up bum all of week 25.

Umi Week 24

We played hard and napped hard in week 24.

Umi Week 23

We spent week 23 up in Tahoe for our first trip away, where Umi found much joy in the mountains.

Umi Week 22

Week 22 was dog parks galore, meaning lots of fun and slobber.

Umi Week 21

Keeping busy and cool during a toasty week 21.

Umi Week 20

The rebellion grows stronger in week 20.

Umi Week 19

A whole lot of new places and friends in week 19.

Umi Week 18

We had some surprises in week 18, but it gave us some extra quality family time.

Umi Week 17

Raissa was out of town most of week 17 so Umi and I had much one on one time together.

Umi Week 16

Week 16 was a busy week. We brought Umi, which means ocean in Japanese, to see the ocean! She also graduated from her first puppy class!

Umi Week 15

Finally with week 15 comes more freedom to the outside world, providing tons of explore and tons to dream about afterwards.

Umi Week 14

Week 14 was just a lot of quality time with this girl :3

Umi Week 13

We introduced Umi to the bed in week 13, which yields us an either cuddly sweet bedmate or one that wants to devour you.

Umi Week 12

Much of week 12 had to be spent apart due to a conference and race. At least she did not forget me!

Umi Week 11

My girls! Neither of whom really listen to me. But we’ve made it to week 11!

Umi Week 10

This girl is getting heavier and into lots of trouble at week 10. Requires rotating among lots of people to carry her around.

Umi Week 9

Umi is getting braver at week 9. She is a big fan of the yard where she enjoys sitting on every bush/plant there is.

Umi Week 8

We brought home our lovely Umi at 8 weeks. Plenty of accidents and worries for a hectic first week, but she’s quickly getting comfy!