Daniel Huang

Broken Arrow 52K

Tough day at Broken Arrow 52K. No training, altitude, snow, wind, rain, cold, and some brutal climbs.

Quicksilver 100K

A calm between storms allowed just enough time for one heck of a run.

Way Too Cool 50K

A cold and rainy one, but made it through so can't complain!

North Face 50K

More trail time in the Headlands and the chance to run alongside awesome coworkers!

Sun Mountain 50M

Limits stretched to the brink on a stunning course littered with sunflowers. The small town of Winthrop was also a gracious host.

Diablo Trails 50K

A local race to get in more trail time and test out some solid elevation.

Black Canyon 60K

The perfect introduction to trail racing! A rollercoaster ride with a freezing start with sleet, knee deep river crossing, and persistent stomach issues. Thankful to have been part of such a race!

Big Sur Marathon

First marathon! Went in pretty nervous, but felt strong on the hills and fresh at the finish. The spectacular course, upbeat race atmosphere, and proper fueling kept me steady.