Daniel Huang


Big plates of food and long time no see friends.

Indiana Dunes

Busy beaches for all to cool off on a sweltering day.


Experiencing the big city vibe again.

Cuyahoga Valley

Follow the Towpath trail and it will lead you to all sorts of wonders.


Short stop to break up a drive and buy some paper.


Many strolls on the waterfront after devouring much food from one of the many yummy restaurants.


A remote park with convenient canoe rentals to get away from it all.


Boatloads of camping and activity at this magnificent coastal park.


Small college town with a big campus to wander and sufficient late night options.

Kansas City

A pleasant surprise of a city, first with the realization that most of it is not in Kansas, then topping off with great food and sights.

Great Sand Dunes

A great big box of sand in the middle of nowhere to play with.

Black Canyon of the Gunnison

Unique canyons with an rocky story.

Mesa Verde

Drawn here from an old social studies book, definitely much history!


Truly a mountain resort town with fun shops, neat trails, and a free gondola.