Daniel Huang


Some milder days to round out the end of a big trip.

Waterton Lakes

A sleepy mountain border town.


Season opening day with a welcoming grizzly.


Rainy days in the mountains were good days to slow down and listen to the rivers flow.


Some quieter mountain days before experiencing a late season dump of snow.


We made full use of the 18 hours of daylight to take in as much of these beautiful mountains as we could.


Taking a break from the mountains with some city pleasantries.


A strong preview of the Canadian Rockies to come.


Canada's is rather pretty too.


Eating up the sun in the summer edition of this mountain town.


A big city with a hard to beat combination of ocean, mountains, and food.

Big Bear

Hiding away in the mountains for some rest and rejuvenation before heading down to LA for Thanksgiving feasting.

Sun Valley

Darn cold days, but the sun still came out for the hikes and it made the fireplace even cozier.


A scenic venture into a mountain range making its shift into winter.


A capital with a good autumn showing.


We have been to Bend before, but it is really best enjoyed with a dog.


Lucky to have friends with such a beautiful and serene home.

Silver Falls

Soaking in fall at the falls.

Mount Saint Helens

The sun and some luck brought us some snowy views of the volcano.

Southern Oregon Coast

Relaxing and exciting days by one of our favorite coastlines.


Starting our minimoon camping under the redwoods and taking a long hike to the beach.




Big plates of food and long time no see friends.

Indiana Dunes

Busy beaches for all to cool off on a sweltering day.


Experiencing the big city vibe again.

Cuyahoga Valley

Follow the Towpath trail and it will lead you to all sorts of wonders.


Short stop to break up a drive and buy some paper.


Many strolls on the waterfront after devouring much food from one of the many yummy restaurants.


A remote park with convenient canoe rentals to get away from it all.


Boatloads of camping and activity at this magnificent coastal park.


Small college town with a big campus to wander and sufficient late night options.

Kansas City

A pleasant surprise of a city, first with the realization that most of it is not in Kansas, then topping off with great food and sights.

Great Sand Dunes

A great big box of sand in the middle of nowhere to play with.

Black Canyon of the Gunnison

Unique canyons with an rocky story.

Mesa Verde

Drawn here from an old social studies book, definitely much history!


Truly a mountain resort town with fun shops, neat trails, and a free gondola.

South Lake Tahoe

An early spring stay with lingering snow as a new part-time resident.


Last stop to admire the mountains and autumn colors.


A bigger city than we had been getting used to, but still provided the serenity we were looking for.


An outdoors town where mountain bikers seem to outnumber the runners and hikers.

Beartooth Mountains

Passing over just before the winter arrives to close these roads.


A quiet capital that we explored much on foot.


A magical land that we'll always remember.

Bitterroot Valley

Cherished every piece of blue sky.


The smoke followed us here, but we made the best of it and enjoyed our first home in Montana.

Mount Shasta and Lassen Peak

Two mountains to climb above the smoke line for that clean fresh air.


A family backpacking trip in the books with full of food and thunder.

Death Valley

Another Thanksgiving spent camping in Death Valley. Caught in the middle of a storm this time, but was rewarded with snowy mountains and smaller crowds.

Valley of Fire

Truly a scenic drive, but also had much fun hopping around these orange rocks.

Red Rock Canyon

A nearby escape from the glitz and glam of the Strip.


A worthy scenic detour on the way to Las Vegas, hidden in plain sight from I-15.

Lake Aloha

Sunny days and chilly nights out in Desolation Wilderness, survived through noodle soups.


A crisp fall weekend for car camping, warmed up with an abundance of hot foods.

San Diego

Spent much of the holiday weekend lying on the beach, coming out of it only a little sunburnt.

Great Basin

A remote park with much to see both above and below ground.

Salt Lake City

A few easy days in a laid-back city, conveniently encased by mountains.

Grand Teton

Snow-capped mountains under blue skies, plus moose sightings. Can't complain!


Mother nature at its best with tons of unique geysers, abundant wildlife, and sweeping landscapes. We were fortunate enough to see bison (with calves!), bears (with cubs!), elk, mountain goats, and pronghorns. Eruptions by Grand and Castle Geysers were predictable in time, but did not anticipate the amount of excitement that followed.

Craters of the Moon

Why this place was given its name explained itself quickly with funny rocks that looked like spread Nutella.

Twin and Idaho Falls

Broke up the long drive with some brief stops that let us appreciate the small town life.

Yosemite West

A slower paced visit focused on the west side of Yosemite with a comfy lodge stay and pass through the trees of the Mariposa Grove.

Palm Springs

Going further east than the typical LA trip, but got to enjoy plenty of snow and still get to the tasty favorites.

Big Sur Coast

Driving up a portion of the Pacific Coast Highway with unceasing reasons to take your eyes off the road.

Badger Pass

Winter has arrived so it's time to bring out the snowshoes!

Glacier Point

An impromptu Yosemite trip led us to Glacier Point twice. First for the sweeping views down below and another for the uninhibited stars above.

Mount Whitney

No summit this time, but got to take it slow and relish the fall colors in broad daylight.

Lost Coast

A long rugged walk on the beach with all sorts of marine life (and death). Camping on this secluded coast is an extraordinary escape from reality. The colossal waves crashing down not that many steps away somehow still sings you to sleep.

Rae Lakes Loop

Absolutely beautiful from start to finish, with a little something different each day. Props to all the thru-hikers we saw!

San Luis Obispo and Morro Bay

Walking down memory lane with a campus tour, the usual bites, and everyone's favorite hike. Some bonus exploration on the coast led us to a raft of sea otters and some tidepools full of life.

Echo Lake

It was an eventful winter weekend up in Tahoe. In the day we found ourselves digging cars out of the snow and combating fierce gusts of wind. During the long nights we cooked up feasts and watched the Olympics.

Grand Canyon

The South Rim gives off cold days as it reaches the brink of winter. Saw the canyon from a few vantage points and did some light hiking in the area.

Los Angeles

Eating our way through the sprawling city, as always.

Lassen Volcanic Wilderness

Some backcountry camping on a sandy volcanic trail to an ice cold lake.

Sequoia and Kings Canyon

Solid hiking and tall trees in these two parks. Rain showed up, but luckily did not stay too long.

Los Angeles and Channel Islands

A typical Los Angeles itinerary lined with food. Made our way to Ventura and took a day trip out to the Channel Islands. Saw much marine life on the ferry over, kayaked through some sea caves, and hiked the cliffs.

Clouds Rest

Short trip up to Yosemite during the busy summer season.

Mount Whitney

Successful summit on a beautiful sunny day! The temperature up top was perfect for a nice little picnic lunch.

Tahoe Meadows

Some spring snowshoeing, sledding, snowball fights, and snow sumo wrestling. Waited out the storm with circus shows, a casino buffet, and a hint of gambling.

Albuquerque and Santa Fe

Saw parks that offered both an escape into nature and rich human history. Counted down the new year with a hot air balloon rising in downtown Albuquerque. Green chile grilled cheese melt was to die for.

San Antonio

Celebrated Christmas in a downtown full of lights and rich of history. Delicious Texas BBQ was consumed.

Big Bend

A long flat drive brought us to a huge remote park with ever-changing scenery (and weather). Got a glimpse of Big Bend's greatest treasure: an unpolluted night sky.


Tons of cactus, big and small...and very big!

Yosemite Falls

Caught a sunny autumn day to camp and hike in Yosemite Valley before the winter storms struck.


Clear skies kept the snow covered Mount Shasta in sight from miles and miles away.

Crater Lake and Umpqua

The blues were very blue and the greens were very green in Southern Oregon. Got to get up close and personal, jumping into the lake and walking right up to the waterfalls.

Lava Beds

Caves with ice in them year round provided shelter from the triple digit weather. Explored numerous caves and getting lost in one involved crawling on all fours out the wrong exit.

Lassen Volcanic and McArthur-Burney Falls

On a warm Fourth of July weekend, some lakes remained still and frozen, while others were frequented by fly fishers and surrounded by lush green grass.

Fallen Leaf Lake

A typical day working remotely from Lake Tahoe: an early morning hike into the mountains, many hours typing away at the local coffee shop, an evening stroll by the lake, and finally back to the campsite to make dinner over the fire.

Joshua Tree and Los Angeles

Day trip to Joshua Tree followed by a week of food and friends in Los Angeles.

Capitol Reef

Winter storms chased us out of this park sooner than we would have liked, but we still got to see its colorful canyons. We will be back springtime for fruit picking!

Arches and Canyonlands

Both parks offered some breathtaking views. Moab was also a lovely town to base our park visits from.

Zion and Bryce Canyon

These parks were chilly this time of year, especially in a tent. However, that also meant far fewer crowds, plus the chance to see both fall and winter colors.

Hoover Dam

Pit stop in Las Vegas came with a delicious milkshake, a heavenly buffet, and the Hoover Dam. On the way back, we had Korean BBQ for Thanksgiving dinner.

Mount Whitney and East Yosemite

Attempted to summit Mount Whitney, but gave up due to lack of proper snow gear. Lesson learned! Got to enjoy the quieter side of Yosemite the following day.


Weekend trip up the forested Northern California coast to camp under the towering redwood trees.

Southern California

Sightseeing and overeating shoved between Comic-Con in San Diego and a wedding in Santa Barbara.

Death Valley

Spent Thanksgiving week camping and hiking in the desert. Almost ran out gas...twice. Unpolluted night sky for stargazing.

Central Coast

A pleasant trip that included a castle, a mission, beaches, mountains, and the greatest enchilada ever.