Daniel Huang


A day in the walled city to walk off all the food consumed earlier so that room could be made for even more.


An educational trip out to the Korean Demilitarized Zone where life is quite different.


Hot and humid weather paired with spicy food and large crowds! Seoul was an expansive city with all sorts of unique sights to see.


Recovering in a capital that felt almost foreign to the rest of the country.

Karakorum and Khugnu Tarna

Wrapping up our time in nomadic Mongolia in the boundless steppes by the ancient capital. Eight glorious days of no internet and no shower was therapeutic.

Flaming Cliffs and Ongi Monastery

We were well accustomed by this point to sleeping in gers, driving long distances on bumpy unpaved roads, and the heavy mutton diet. However, the dynamic landscapes continued to surprise us day after day.

Gobi Gurvan Saikhan

Made our way into the Gobi Desert where the sunsets, sunrises, and most of all the stargazing were unrivaled to any seen before.

Terelj and White Stupa

A wet and muddy start to the trip, but the sun came out when we needed it most. Got our first look at the steppes and deserts of this spacious country.