Daniel Huang

North Cascades

Life is good when the your long drive just happens to pass through some impressive mountain ranges.


First time fat biking and nordic skiing in the same weekend, all under clear skies in fresh snow. Nightly hot tub sessions were an added bonus!


Good food and drink as always, followed by a nice loop around imposing Mount Hood.

Sedona and South Mountain

Post race hiking to stretch out the legs. The desert has its charm!

New Orleans

An animated city with a rich cuisine that always led to an indulgence of too much food too late into the night.


A far away city with a close feeling of home. It really is the California of Texas.

Guadalupe Mountains

Made our way up to the so-called Top of Texas for some refreshing elevation.

Carlsbad Caverns

A humongous cave with countless chambers and a fascinating backstory. Still, the highlight has to be witnessing a few hundred thousand bats streaming out of the cave. Unforgettable spectacle!

El Paso and White Sands

Solid barbeque in El Paso and some fun in the dunes that ended in a sledding contest.

Oregon Coast

Took an easygoing trip up the northern half of the Oregon Coast. It came complete with whale watching, crabbing, breweries, a cheese factory, a shipwreck, and of course bits of fog and rain.


Caught Chicago in its summer mood, taking full advantage of the warmth with festival-filled parks and loaded beaches.

Key West and Dry Tortugas

Headed as far south as we could go and then hopped on a boat to the lonely Dry Tortugas.

Everglades and Big Cypress

Both parks definitely give you the sticky swampy Florida experience, but are so worth it with the endless wildlife that you can see up close.


A park that is 95% water cannot be seen without a boat ride to an island.

Palm Beach and Kennedy Space Center

Took a tranquil drive up along the water with a few surprise stops. Finally fulfilled every kid's dream of seeing a spaceship and meeting an astronaut.


A city with a continous stretch of bright blue coast and hearty Cuban cuisine sprinkled all over.

New York City

First time in the city that really never sleeps with its limitless selection of late night eateries. Hit up many of the iconic stops all over town with the help of the expansive subway.

Atlas and Sahara

It was a long trip through the mountains and into the desert, but it was absolutely worth it. Stunning sights, frigid mornings, new friends, and food that will be missed.


A city with an labyrinth of an old medina. It was at times exhausting, but no doubt an astonishing experience.


A hectic city with a marvelous mosque.


Just a little ways from the city were some historic windmills mixed with small workshops and stores. Strong gusts shouldn't have been a surprise, but the arrival of snow certainly was!


This busy city made for a lively stroll day and especially night. Check twice for bikes!


Although the promised castle was nowhere to be seen due to the dense fog, the upside was an almost spookingly silent walk into the mountains.


Spent most of the day relaxing at a divine thermal spa. An all time high was reached in the sauna room when a staff member came in unannounced and pulled out fresh baked cookies from what looked to be an ordinary heater.


The dreary mood from perpetual rain and gray skies were promptly forgotten upon entering a German Christmas market. All kinds of comfort foods could be found in the numerous stalls and breweries.


The pedestrian city provided plenty of path to wander day and night.

Cinque Terre

These five tranquil towns made it easy to hop around with its connected hiking trails and train tracks.

Pompeii and Naples

I had learned the story of Pompeii in school, but it was different to see it up close and even go up the volacano that caused it all. Somehow, the highlight of the day was still pizza from its birthplace!

Vatican City and Rome

Crowds could be found in every direction, but all for good reason.

Barcelona and Montserrat

This lively city was filled with many foods to try. Took a little escape to the nearby mountains for a hike.


The mellow coastal city was perfect for catching our breath.


Alhambra was certainly something else, but getting to call Albayzín home for a few days was unbeatable.


This big city had several enormous sights to take in. A tasty home cooked meal at the hostel kept us moving.

Córdoba and Ronda

Two short stops that left quite the impression. Wandered through the Jewish Quarters of Córdoba and the pueblos blancos of Old Ronda.


The nation's capital offered much history and bustling squares.


Spotted Independence Day fireworks all around town and got to try some Rocky Mountain "oysters".

Rocky Mountains

The air was thin, but the surroundings from above were magnificent and the alpine lakes were gorgeous. It is a park full of wildlife. Marmots emerging from their burrows, elk endlessly chewing away at the meadows, and even two bighorn sheep dashing down the mountain.


No shortage of cactus here and no limit in their sizes either! Too hot for humans and even the adorable javelinas.


Beat the heat with daily swims in a fantastic pool. Unfortunately, it was not quite toasty enough to fry an egg outside.

Montréal and Québec City

The French cities provided the best bites of the trip and remnants of some older times.


The capital city was a pleasant surprise! Weather was wacky, but the skies cleared enough to spare a bike ride to Gatineau.

Toronto and Niagara Falls

The sprawling metropolis offered several urban parks, hot dog stands on every corner, and a quick train ride to Niagara.


Amazing hospitality with food and more food around Manila. Took two short trips in opposite directions: a quiant beach town and the world's smallest active volcano.


Visited the usual spots and a few new places around Taipei. Finished with a trip down the quieter eastern side of the island.


Celebrated New Years with relatives. Nice relaxing way to end the trip.


Ate everything in Bangkok until I scored food poisoning, then recovered on the beach over Christmas.


Amazing country, people, landscapes, and food. Easily the highlight of my trip.


Miles and miles of walking paired with plates and plates of food.

Hong Kong

Much to eat and see. Stays lively through the night.


Texas State Fair...deep fried everything! Also fantastic BBQ and big houses.

St. Louis

Attended a lovely wedding and saw bits of downtown St. Louis. First time seeing the Mississippi River.


Explored Japan from Tokyo to Kagoshima all thanks to the marvelous bullet train. Met up with old friends and coincidentally even the parents for some memorable moments. Unforgettable trip! Mouth still waters thinking about the kurobuta katsu, motsunabe, and sukiyaki.

Central Taiwan

Journeyed out to the high mountains of the island for some fresh, but cold air.


A winter visit to Taiwan translates to sightseeing around Taipei with stops at all the hot springs.

Eastern Taiwan

Finally a chance to explore more of Taiwan. Adventure packed days as we took our time traveling down the country.

Taipei and Pingtung

My two second homes on opposite sides of the island with entirely opposite environments.

Kamakura and Enoshima

A welcome retreat out of the big city to explore a bit of the coast.


Got a perfect introduction to this massive city that somehow remains orderly and sparkling clean.