Daniel Huang


The pedestrian city provided plenty of path to wander day and night.

Cinque Terre

These five tranquil towns made it easy to hop around with its connected hiking trails and train tracks.

Pompeii and Naples

I had learned the story of Pompeii in school, but it was different to see it up close and even go up the volcano that caused it all. Somehow, the highlight of the day was still pizza from its birthplace!

Vatican City and Rome

Crowds could be found in every direction, but all for good reason.

Barcelona and Montserrat

This lively city was filled with many foods to try. Took a little escape to the nearby mountains for a hike.


The mellow coastal city was perfect for catching our breath.


Alhambra was certainly something else, but getting to call Albayzín home for a few days was unbeatable.


This big city had several enormous sights to take in. A tasty home cooked meal at the hostel kept us moving.

Córdoba and Ronda

Two short stops that left quite the impression. Wandered through the Jewish Quarters of Córdoba and the pueblos blancos of Old Ronda.


The nation's capital offered much history and bustling squares.