Daniel Huang

Great Basin

A remote park with much to see both above and below ground.

Salt Lake City

A few easy days in a laid-back city, conveniently encased by mountains.

Grand Teton

Snow-capped mountains under blue skies, plus moose sightings. Can't complain!


Mother nature at its best with tons of unique geysers, abundant wildlife, and sweeping landscapes. We were fortunate enough to see bison (with calves!), bears (with cubs!), elk, mountain goats, and pronghorns. Eruptions by Grand and Castle Geysers were predictable in time, but did not anticipate the amount of excitement that followed.

Craters of the Moon

Why this place was given its name explained itself quickly with funny rocks that looked like spread Nutella.

Twin and Idaho Falls

Broke up the long drive with some brief stops that let us appreciate the small town life.